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I can be found working in my home office most of the business day and the better part of the remainder of my waking hours. Please feel free to contact me via the following means. For emergencies with my customers, I'm generally available 24x7.

E-mail [Email address]
Phone/Fax 714-694-0494 — New as of Dec 2008; no fax yet
This this is my home phone, and I'm in California (Pacific time). Please check the clock before early-morning calls.
Pager Please call my voice line first! I don't carry my phone while at home, and if it's on vibrate, I may not notice it for hours.
Text page for customers - send an email (up to 200 characters) to [Email address].
Please don't page me about my Tech Tips.
US Mail Stephen J. Friedl
24691 Via Buena Suerte
Yorba Linda, CA 92887

(I lived on Running Branch Way in Tustin, California until Dec 2008)

Instant Messenger I am on Yahoo! IM constantly, on MSN mostly, and on AOL rarely: my nicks are available upon request. Please don't add me to your buddy list without saying hello first; I usually decline add requests for people I don't know.
DSL Reports I'm often found on the DSL Reports web site as user Steve [BBR Profile]. I hang out in the Security and UNIX Forums (among others). It's much more than just DSL and broadband.