Does this site look plain?

This site uses advanced css techniques

I designed my logo many years ago to use on my letterhead and business cards, and it has not one iota of symbolic meaning. Not being terribly creative, I wanted something that was simple, and (more importantly) could be easily constructed by hand in Encapsulated PostScript. I also wanted something that looked tolerably good in black and white: I just put a light grayscale inside the boxes.

At the time I did a great deal of work supporting an excellent PostScript clone that was integrated into the V-Systems VSI-FAX product, so doing simple drawings like this was common for the day. This logo looks good in color or black and white, and it's sufficed very nicely for years. Now that I'm finally building a semi-reasonable web site, the little red "brick" has become a useful design element.

I have even managed to make a 16-by-16 pixels version in "favicon.ico" format: [Logo in favicon] (though this image is actually in GIF format, because Netscape won't show an ".ico" file). If you bookmark my home page in IE5 or later, this tiny icon will show in your favorites list next to the name of my home. An excellent resource is

Overall I'm quite pleased to have a consistent design element, but feedback from "real" designers is welcome.

This is the Encapsulated PostScript for the monochrome logo, though the one that appears on this web page was actually drawn by hand in MS Paint from the measurements here.

%!PS-Adobe-3.0 EPSF
%%BoundingBox: 0 0 82 102
%%Creator: Stephen J. Friedl
%%CreationDate: Thu Jan 30 06:55:58 PST 1992
%%DocumentData: Clean7Bit
%%LanguageLevel: 1
%%Orientation: Portrait
%%Pages: 0
%%Title: SJF Logo
%%Version: 1.0

/Amoveto  {  transform round exch round exch  itransform moveto } bind def
/Alineto  {  transform round exch round exch  itransform lineto } bind def
/Armoveto { dtransform round exch round exch idtransform rmoveto } bind def
/Arlineto { dtransform round exch round exch idtransform rlineto } bind def

/logobox {
	    currentlinewidth dup rmoveto
	    currentpoint translate  newpath
	     0 0 	Amoveto
	     0 60 currentlinewidth sub	Arlineto	% left side
	    20 currentlinewidth sub 0	Arlineto	% top
	     0 -60 currentlinewidth add	Arlineto	% right side
	    closepath					% bottom
} bind def

2.0 setlinewidth
0.00 setgray		% fill pattern
0    setlinecap		% butt cap
0    setlinejoin	% miter join

0  0  Amoveto logobox
30 20 Amoveto logobox
60 40 Amoveto logobox

2    setlinecap		% projecting square cap
20 30 Amoveto   10 0 Arlineto   stroke
20 50 Amoveto   10 0 Arlineto   stroke

50 50 Amoveto   10 0 Arlineto   stroke
50 70 Amoveto   10 0 Arlineto   stroke